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We first came up with the idea of 4 elements: earth, wind, fire, and water when Mark began gardening over 16 years ago. We couldn’t believe the feeling these elements gave when we included them in our own gardens. We wanted to find a way to give this experience right back to others. we have.


We offer a variety of hand drawn garden design and creative solution services no matter how small or large to meet your personal or commercial needs.  We offer quality services that make any outdoor garden space special. For example: install water features and low voltage lighting; build wooden structures; assist with plant selection; and discuss any unique stone work possibilities. Mark became a Master Gardner several years ago and now he and his wife Carmen now have a business of their own after 30 years in the corporate world. Together, their mission is to please all their customers and offer the pleasures of tranquility. Our gardens have been on the 2011 Master Gardeners Tour, Windsor Area Garden Walk, and variety of other garden tours.  We were honored to have a well known, brick and stone company, Madison Block and Stone, come out to photograph our gardens.  We were delighted to share our sanctuary.  It will be fun to see what they do with the pictures - they may use them in their own advertisements. 


Mark has assisted many friends, relatives, and neighbors with garden work and has had a significant role in working at local area greenhouses over the past 7 years. Mark, along with his wife Carmen who has a degree in art is Mark’s best critic.  Together, they have taken seminars that include designing, how to choose colors for your garden, garden textures and lighting, having fun with children’s gardens, theme gardens, and too many others to mention.  It just makes sense that they are the perfect couple in marriage as well as in gardening.



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