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What is Included in Part 1 of the Container Program?

We use quality plastic container(s) or use your container for the same price and size, larger containers will be a higher price. We also carry high quality clay/ceramic containers for an additional fee.

  • Professional grade potting soil.

  • Quality and trusted plants that are designed specifically for your location and guaranteed to fill your container right from the start and look even better as the season continues.

  • Part 1 of a professional 6 month timed-release fertilizer.

  • Plant knowledge, expertise and labor.


Additionally, because of our knowledge, he will provide a unique plant selection for your property. He will include various heights, textures, and plant color combinations. If you only choose part 1, we cannot guarantee your plants after they are delivered, nevertheless, they will be beautiful and should sustain themselves very well if taken care of correctly.


What is Included in Part 2 of the Container Program?

  • Plant guarantee-if plants for some reason decide to not deliver on their beauty based on natural causes we will replace them. We would not be able to replace plants if:
    a. someone stole or vandalized some plants
    b. a huge out of the ordinary wind and/or hail storm damaged the plants
    c. an animal damaged the plant(s).
  • Knowledge/labor, applying part 2 of the special and an additional, regular, weekly-fertilizer (weekly fertilizing is needed to keep the plants in the containers at their peak).
  • Weekly watering depending upon the weather (on average 3 times per week unless it's like what we had this past season in 2012, then it will be twice a day, every day).
  • We make sure they stay looking as great as we possibly can make them.
  • Cleaning the plants so they stay looking great all the time.




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